Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures of downtown Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit

Here are some photos from my stroll in downtown Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit. It was actually quite enjoyable and peaceful. Enjoy!

This is my first picture of possibly where Obama stayed while in Pittsburgh at the G-20

This is a picture of me near the Convention Center where the G-20 was being held

The pic on the right might be where Obama stayed while at the G-20


Dr. Dave said...

Just noticed the Hippo blog. My mother in law told me it was impossible to get into Dahntahn for 2 days, so she stayed home and had vacation on Obugger. Nice of him to bring the workforce to a halt. We should start calling him President Oops.

Teresa said...

Dr. Dave Thanks for following my hippo blog. I hope your mother-in-law enjoyed her vacation. President oops sounds about right.