Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter - Jesus is Risen!

Rebecca Hagelin explains that Easter is about much more than bunnies and Easter eggs.  She explains that a study reveals, sadly, that while 67 percent of those polled believe that Easter is a religious holiday only 42 percent recognized it as the feast of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Rebecca said:
 "That’s partly the fault of believers like me. Those of us who believe in the resurrection too often fail to explain the reason for our joy — Christ died and rose to conquer sin and death. His resurrection saved each of us personally and won for us eternal life with Him. But too often we fail to share that truth with others, even at Easter time — when they might be most receptive to the message." 

Have Christians been too private in their faith?  If so, do you think this has played a role in the lack of knowledge that people have of Easter being about the resurrection of Jesus? 

 Rebecca Hagelin's article is here