Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pictures of downtown Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit

Here are some photos from my stroll in downtown Pittsburgh during the G-20 Summit. It was actually quite enjoyable and peaceful. Enjoy!

This is my first picture of possibly where Obama stayed while in Pittsburgh at the G-20

This is a picture of me near the Convention Center where the G-20 was being held

The pic on the right might be where Obama stayed while at the G-20

Monday, September 28, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Not A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I am utterly fed up and pissed with at least one freakin' liberal in my neighborhood. This man, I guess just really feels the desire or need to to kill a good thing and an enjoyable moment. I went outside yesterday to show them pictures and videos of my time at the 9/12 March in D.C. over the weekend and the one of the liberal men has to act like a gosh dang know it all about the number of people that attended the march. He said, "I watched the news and saw the pictures. And, it just had to be this small number of people." He was extremely adamount about the number of people who attended the march. Well, this freaking libtard watches MSNBC which is utterly leftist to the enth degree. This neighbor is a pain in the a$$ hippie that thinks he knows it all about politics and how the world should be because he watches the History channel and reads both the liberal leaning newspaper, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and the Rolling Stones magazine. I said, " I was there and you weren't, so how the hell would you know how many people were actually there?" He pushed my buttons on purpose which he tries to do on a pretty regular basis. Because he watched a freaking news story he thinks he knows how many people attended the March. This is from a hippie who was a roadie on a few different bands, did drugs, and protested the Vietnam War himself. Then, he said, I don't know why you protested. What's the point? Did it change anything? He is a freaking hypocrite. He just irks me and really pisses me off. I went over there excited about the weekend and he pretty much killed my high that I was on from participating in the march over the weekend. Well, lets just say I was in rare form and he deserved his comuppance. Well, anyways I don't plan on hanging out with him for awhile. I am passionate about my beliefs related to politics. It is the first time that I have found something that I am on fire for and actually want to pursue a career in. And, this loser idiot knows that, but he takes pleasure in causing arguments and the frustration that goes along with it. Then, he has the gall to say I pay more taxes than you and pay for your college education. I said what the F? I have loans. You don't pay for my college education. But, if he did, with him being a liberal doesn't he believe in spreading the wealth? Oh, I guess that's only applies to liberals. All he does all day long is either sit on his chair inside the house or outside if the weather's nice out. So, I said I want to make a difference in this world, but you go ahead and sit on your butt all day long and do nothing. I'll work at my small part-time job, go to college, and be involved politially while he does what? Sits on his A$$ all day long.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Puzzled... Rantings on Morality and Defense of Country

This is my first post on my new blog. I just wanted to let everyone know that this blog will include ponderings on absolutely everything. My rants and raves will include a broad spectrum of issues related to being a married college student. For awhile I have been fascinated by the Hippo and that is why I used that animal in the name of my blog.

What is quite puzzling to me and quite frankly I can't understand is why some people seem to care more about the welfare of terrorists who want to kill us than the the defense of the United States and the governments right to defend all of its citizens. Our great country was attacked on Sept.11 by terrorists who used planes as weapons to kill thousands of people and it is our right as a nation to fight back against the War that was brought to us on our soil. The CIA agents and soldiers under George W. Bush did a superb job of defending us and keeping us safe for about eight years and now the Obama administration is going to penalize those agents for using techniques that prevented us from incurring another terrorist attack. This was all done in defense of our country with physicians watching the terrorists' health very closely. It just doesn't make sense to me how some people would rather play God and think that they are acting morally by not letting the CIA agents do their job to their fullest capabilities and preventing some so called unjust harm to terrorists, but yet find it acceptable in the name of morality and peace to simply let the terrorists win and kill the innocent. Is it really moral to allow an attack to happen when you have both the means and the capability to find out the information regarding an attack and possibly prevent an attack from happening? Aren't these people in effect playing into the hands of the terrorists by being willing to play the terrorists' game? Is it really moral to hold a terrorists life of higher value than many innocent people, just so the person can claim the so called moral high ground? That just puzzles me and does not make sense. For a person to put terrorist lives above innocent lives is not moral in any way to me. Maybe a perverted washed down liberal sense of morality that has invaded our churches for years.