Monday, March 22, 2010

So Sick of Liberal Biased Professors

I am so sick of these damned liberal professors. They are the most closed-minded people.  Are all liberal professors so biased?  It sure freaking seems like it. I have encountered yet another biased liberal professor that judged my assignments not on its merits but based on his liberal bias.  This is the second semester that I have gotten singled out by a liberal professor.  I am so sick of being treated like crap at this college.  As much as I hate dropping classes, my professor put me in a pickle, and I had to drop the class in order to avoid a failing grade. I think I am going to switch colleges.  Maybe I will head back to FUS?   I don't know. At leas they didn't penalize me in their grading of my class work.  I am just sick and tired of getting screwed by people.  But, I have learned over the years that life isn't fair.  All I can do, is to work my hardest, and do my best this semester.  Such is life...

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