Sunday, October 25, 2009

Heat Would Be Lovely/My Apartment Sucks

My apartment complex sucks balls, really big-time!! Since yesterday, we have had NO HEAT. It is freaking cold in my place. This apartment that is run by Lamo (changed name for anonymity) Management, is really run by backwards management. They seem to do everything the wrong way.  These Brentwood, PA apartments  need a major renovation job and new staff that knows what the hell they are doing with regards in running an apartment complex. These people have so many building safety violations thats its not funny at all. And then we have wonderful illegal immigrants that like to steal our stuff out of storage areas. I believe it is time to move from this horror. Kevin and I have been hoping to move for some time, but unfortunately the money just isn't there to be able to move. With my being sick for about a year, and me being on unemployment money is tighter than had planned. No problem, but I hate being taking advantage of by this crappy apartment management. I just needed to vent before I go to cuddle underneath the covers to keep warm. Have a great day!!


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Teresa! I'm sorry to read this. I think it's time if you can possible do it to move. You don't want to get sicker and the winter is coming.
At least you have your hubby to keep you warm.

I'd be careful about naming the compnay that runs the apt. complex. Did you know in chicago a landlord sued a blogger who wrote something similar about the ap. being moldy or roach infested, I kid you not. The poor blogger had to go to court and defend just a word to the wise, you don't want to take that chance. Even if you won, it would take lots of time and money to defend yourself.
Change the names to protect the guilty...hee hee.

Kind of like the situation I'm in OMG would I LOVE TO name the shit hole where I am subjected to torture 24/7, but I can't.....yet....hee hee. Stay warm

Teresa said...

I think moving sounds like a great idea! I hope we can gather up the money to move soon. I have a plan, even though it would screw up my credit(which honestly couldn't be screwed up much worse), but its worth being warm this winter. I changed the names. Thanks for the advice. I didn't think of that. You are so wise and prudent in your thinking. Thank You for following my blog. You are a real sweetie!!

Amusing Bunni said...

Any Time, Darlin' Gotta think like a lawyer to outfox all the evil that gets thrown at us nice people! The devil tries to destroy the righteous, so we must wear our amour of God's Protection and carry the sword of truth. If I didn't think ahead and try to be one step ahead of the demons that constantly plague me, I'd be screwed for sure by now! (Another reason they all hate me, they can't outsmart me...hee hee) Nite Nite

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sucks Balls ? Now that sounds serious for a building to do. Why do heaters and air conditioners only go out when you need them? That's about the dumbest thing I've ever written. You only know they're out when you go to use them. It's starting to get cold here too. I've been feeding the wood burning stove this morning.

Teresa said...

That really did suck balls! Thank Goodness the heat situation has been taken care of for now. Unfortunately, you never know with the yahoos that run this hellhole. A burning stove sounds good! Growing up, my family had a wood stove. It kept the place really warm. I bet your keeping warm and toasty. Happy Halloween!